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Centralize the management of your intermediate sales or to access the information and tariffs of the hotels, we have two hotel options or buyers.

For Distributors

Get access to more than 4.200 hotels with a single integration.

Omnibees is a complete hotel distribution solution; for the hotel, we are the central reservation management system and for the distribution chain we offer a hotel content source of more than 4,000 hotels, with the benefit of centralizing tariffs and availability and being the only access platform, which guarantees a closer and more profitable relationship between your business and the hotel.

TMC's Challenges

  • Weak Hotel content.
  • Huge operational demand for reserves management.
  • Delayed process of negotiations.
  • Agreement Audit Process slow and difficult.
  • Low guarantees of tariff parity.

TMC's Solutions

  • Online booking platform.
  • Access to multi-tariffs of Hotels (NET, Commissioned and Agreement).
  • Optimization and automation in the management of commercial agreements.
  • Automation in Audit of agreements and creation of reports.
  • Tariff Parity guaranteed for being the Hotel CRS.


  • Multi-credential search.
  • Reservation on all forms of payment.
  • Import of reservations.
  • Payment with virtual card (VCN).
  • Markers (customer, employees and reservation).
  • Blacklist (country, city, network, hotel, reservation date, check-in).
  • Preferences (country, city, network, hotel, reservation date, check-in).
  • Audit Agreements.
  • Multiple Room Booking.
  • Distribution Voucher submission to hundreds of operators, agencies and companies through a single channel.

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