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Hotels, Operators, TMC’s and Companies in a single place where sales opportunities turn into results for your business.


Increase your sales, diversify and optimize your distribution!

Sell more and better diversifying and optimizing your distribution.
Through the direct relationship between your Hotel and hundreds of Operators, Corporate Agencies (TMC’s) and Companies, you can define personalized strategies to increase your visibility, open new markets and improve operational flow by minimizing offline reservations.


Sell more and better having access to the content of +5.100 hotels.

Omnibees connects Operators, Corporate Agencies (TMC’s) and Companies with thousands of hotels creating a direct relationship that allows access to differentiated conditions, increasing product portfolio to offer their customers and optimizing daily operations without intermediaries. Create more business opportunities and become a reference for Hotels.

Bee Channel Manager Solutions

Sell much more! The Omnibees channel manager is the largest number of distribution partners and the only one that allows you to sell to end customers and intermediaries on a single platform.

Omnibees Channel Manager
Channels Manager

Channel Manager

Connect with the largest distribution platform.

Integrate and boost your revenue with the largest and only distribution partner manager that allows the Hotelier to sell to intermediaries and end customers.

Do a centralized or individual management for more than 700 partners.

Connect your PMS and RMS and automate all your day-to-day actions.

Bee Direct

Beedirect Omnibees brings together everything your hotel needs to attract, sell and retain. With a Modern Website with easy navigation, smart booking engine, CRM and a CMS to create promotional and relationship actions.

Interface Omnibees
Responsive Design

Booking Engine

Fully developed for the industry

Reduce commission costs and boost your direct sales in a secure, customizable, multi-device environment and develop Upselling and Cross Selling strategies.

Integrate directly with PMS and payment gateways and centralize all your bookings in one tool.

Responsive Website
BeeDirect - Responsive Website

Responsive Website

Focused on user experience and conversion

An intuitive technology that is oriented to the conversion and optimization of the main search engines.

Choose content for the various audiences and integrate directly with the Omnibees Booking Engine. Choose a safe and easy-to-edit Website.


Centralize your database and send emails with marketing actions and satisfaction surveys to connect, loyalty and sell more.

Email Menu
Information about emails


Customize your communication for each type of customer.

Create a relationship with your customers by sharing rates and promotions for the different segments and automate pre and post stay messages.

Centralize and analyze the effectiveness of your communication campaigns.

Sales force Management
Sales force

Sales Force

Diversifique a sua Rede de Distribuição.

Distribute simultaneously and in a complicated way to channels like Booking Engine, OTAs and Wholesdalers but also to Tour Operators, GDS and Travel Agencies. Also have integration with several Self Booking Tools and bet on the visibility of Metasearch channels like Tripadvisor or Trivago.

Bee Price Rate Shopper Solutions

Evaluate competitive prices and availability, follow market trends, and dynamically and automatically update the most competitive prices for your hotel to sell better and better!

Competition Analysis

RMS Light

Maximize your revenue with the right choice.

Study your competitors, analyze OTA prices, and define your position in the market.

Dynamically and automatically know the most competitive price to sell more and better.

Set up updated price alerts and views.

Rooms Update

Yield Manager

Calculate the best rate at the best time.

Automate the management of rates and availabilities according to the occupation of your Hotel. Segment rates by sales channel or by market.

Schedule sales closure depending on your level of occupancy.

HiQ - Big Data Solutions

Every sale operation of your hotel that passes through Omnibees is converted into data. All information is processed and returned in Data Intelligence for your hotel to be strategic, predict trends and demands and be more and more profitable.

Top Reservations by Source
HiQ - Marketing Analytics

Hotel Market Analytics

Forecasting trends allows for better decision making.

Daily operations converted into data intelligence with customizable graphs that allow you to analyze, predict and act on industry trends.

Get reports and adapt them to your reality for more profitable analysis.

Top Reservations by Source
HiQ - Analysis

Hotel Market Demand

Get an overview of your online distribution.

Integrate directly with distribution and marketing tools and have access to customized reports according to the defined KPIs.

Cross data and metrics, change your views, and access wherever and whenever you want.

Bee Connect Connectivity Solutions

Connection that centralizes your reservations management.

Bee Connect - Connection PMS and RMS

PMS, RMS Connection

Get instant and automatic integration.

Omnibees offers a 2-way connection that will automatically update your hotel inventory on all of your channels, thus avoiding manual errors.

Bee Loyalty Solution

With Omnibees fidelization solution you increase revenue by generating repurchase and direct frequent customers to buy directly from your site.

Fidelity Program
Omnibees Loyalty Ranking

Fidelity program

Learn how to manage customer expectation.

Increase your direct sales by setting up the loyalty and targeting program for your guests on the website. Differentiate marketing actions and share promotional rates by generating return or Upselling.

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Diversify your Distribution Network.

Optimize the relationship between your hotel and partners. Connect with the largest distribution network where you can access production reports by channel, have real-time updates and gain greater visibility with National and International Operators, Corporate Travel Agencies and large companies.

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