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HiQ - Big Data Solutions

Every sale operation of your hotel that passes through Omnibees is converted into data. All information is processed and returned in Data Intelligence for your hotel to be strategic, predict trends and demands and be more and more profitable.

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HiQ - Marketing Analytics

Hotel Market Analytics

Convert information into strategy!

Since HiQ is an Omnibees data intelligence solution, imagine that all your hotel’s sales operations (prices, channels, dates, guest information, etc.) are processed daily at CRS Omnibees where a gigantic amount of data is generated and stored where it will be able to process, analyze, and see trends. Everything immediately, complete and continuous. 


  • Difficulty in agglomerating and processing data for analysis.
  • Little to no automated operations.
  • Indicators that are not very useful for the hotel industry.
  • Do not include sales data directly from the hotel on the reviews.


  • Artificial intelligence techniques for pattern recognition.
  • Predictive models.
  • Connectivity with PMS and RMS to handle offline sales.
  • Custom reports.


  • Differentiation of booking profiles, hotels and channels.
  • Estimation of the risk of cancellation of reserves.
  • Evaluation of the factors determining the conversion of research into reserves.
  • Identification of trends in different scenarios.
  • Anticipation of customer behaviors and needs.
  • Comparison of the impact of different commercial strategies.

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HiQ - Analysis

Hotel Market Demand

Dynamic and intuitive!

Access the numerous management and production reports that will help you make strategic and assertive decisions.

A multitude of dashboards and reports that provide a global view of your online distribution as well as direct integration with various distribution and marketing tools.


  • Downgrading on current and future trends.
  • Disintegration with the remaining tools.
  • Little clarifying data to readjust your strategy.


  • Variety of presentation of data in graphs.
  • Full integration with the Omnibees tools.
  • Crossing of data and metrics.


  • Technology that allows you to process large amounts of data.
  • Frequently updated data.
  • Custom reports according to defined KPIs.
  • Various graphics display formats.
  • Hosting information in the cloud allowing access to any location or device.

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In one tool, Omnibees Central Reservation System (CRS) is the ideal solution for your hotel’s reservations management.

CRS groups all Omnibees solutions and with it, your hotel will have the entire solution in one tool.

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