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Evaluate competitive prices and availability, follow market trends, and dynamically and automatically update the most competitive prices for your hotel to sell better and better!

Competition Analysis

RMS Light

Gain competitive advantage and maximize your revenue.

To gain competitive advantage and maximize revenue your decisions need intelligence and agility, Omnibees Rate Shopper is able to simply and fully present all the information you need about your competition to build the best strategies.


  • Excessive little relevant information.
  • Little analysis focused on the sector allowing not meet the demand of competition..
  • Difficulty in identifying the rates values of competitors online.


  • Definition of your correct positioning.
  • Competitor study, OTA prices and demand projection.
  • Agile creation of price strategies within the Omnibees environment.


  • Mapping of availability, demand and rates.
  • Set up alerts and display updated prices.
  • Profitability allowing you to use data intelligence to increase your sales.
  • Possibility of measuring strategies also on the websites of their competitors.
  • Intuitive and friendly interaction.
  • Content and reporting across multiple platforms and formats.
  • Increase efficiency by eliminating the incidence of errors and manual searches.
  • Analysis of up to 10 competitors, for 180 future days, on the 2 most important online channels for your Hotel.

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Rooms Update

Yield Manager

Create more flexible estratagies automatically.

Guarantee rates and availability always adjusted according to the occupation of your hotel.

Define automatic price fluctuation and optimize your daily operations.


  • Manual rate planning.
  • Concern about updating your inventory.
  • Poor optimization of daily operations.
  • Manual rate fluctuation, with loss of time and revenue.


  • Definition of various types of rates that allow the adjustment of prices to different target audiences.
  • Automatic fluctuation of rates according to occupation, supporting their pricing strategies and optimizing revenues.
  • Automation and centralization of rate management.
  • Presentation of the inventory and rates in calendar form.


  • Definition of derived rates, which fluctuate according to the base rate.
  • Sales closing program according to occupation.
  • Configuration of the rate fluctuation (in percentage or fixed values) according to the occupation rates.
  • Configuration in sending alerts to support the rate management in Channel Omnibees.
  • Segmentation of rates by sales channel and / or market.
  • Presentation of the inventory and rates in calendar form.
  • Dynamically configure the availability and price, by room types within each rate.

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Reservations Source

Data intelligence that predicts trends!

Daily operations converted into data intelligence with customizable graphs that allow you to analyze, predict and act on industry trends.

Get reports and adapt them to your reality for more profitable analysis.

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