Bee Direct

Get a lot more direct bookings with the Omnibees Reservation Software

Bee Direct

Beedirect Omnibees brings together everything your hotel needs to attract, sell and retain. With a Modern Website with easy navigation, smart booking engine, CRM and a CMS to create promotional and relationship actions.

Booking Engine

Safety and ease for your guest and profitability for your hotel.

Your guest needs an easy and secure booking engine to want to book directly through their website.

The Omnibees booking engine has been developed as an e-commerce tool focused on hospitality and the behavior of the traveler who reserves online.

Dozens of features to create promotions, packages and real benefits to make your channel the preferred place to buy the guest.

All technology has a customized interface that integrates with the hotel’s website, maintaining harmony in the booking process.


  • High sales flow and other distribution channels.
  • Manual processing of bookings made by the website.
  • Difficulty in creating and disseminating promotional actions.
  • Poor visibility, conversion and credibility of the website.


  • Increased direct sales through the complete solution.
  • Creation, through the CRM, of promotions, packages and group codes.
  • Integration with PMS and payment gateways, email confirmation and online cancellation.
  • Safe, intuitive environment and realization of the reservation in a few clicks with loyalty function.


  • Multi-platform Engine: desktop, tablet and mobile.
  • Engine configuration for various languages and currencies.
  • Integration with Facebook and Metaseach.
  • Data security.
  • Guarantee of sales increase in contract.
  • Reserved area for guests, companies and agencies.
  • Installments option.
  • Complete reports to measure the return on investment of marketing actions.
  • Creation of pop-ups to highlight promotional bookings.
  • Welcome messages and incentive to customer registration.
  • Cancellation and alteration of online bookings.
  • Connectivity to payment Gateways.
  • Easy to create and promote packages, codes and extras, allowing the elaboration of strategies of upselling and Cross Selling.
  • Full access to guest contact information for creating database and conducting Marketing actions.
  • Tracking of the contacts of guests who have not finished the purchase to convert into sale.

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Responsive Website
BeeDirect - Responsive Website

Responsive Website

Give customers a unique experience that begins on the website.

Provide a website with a modern design and direct sales conversion. Improve your search engine position (Google, Bing, and Yahoo), gain new customers by making your site available in multiple languages and by targeting your digital campaigns.

Integrations with different analytical platforms
BeeChannel-integration with Paypal, BPag, BrasPag and Maxipago


  • My site does not appear in search results.
  • Difficulty changing content on the site.
  • User unfriendly page design.
  • Pages that do not convert.
  • Lack of knowledge and time to develop the site.


  • Site with space for SEO configuration (Search Engine Optimization).
  • Creation and modification of texts, photos and promotions in a friendly way.
  • Exclusive templates for the hospitality industry.
  • Omnibees team support to create a site focused on Direct Booking conversion.


  • Simple and intuitive Content editor.
  • Native integration with Omnibees Reservation Engine.
  • Specialized hospitality industry platform that is stable, fast and safe.
  • Fully sales oriented design.
  • Responsive platform (versions of your site optimized for desktop, tablet and mobile).
  • Creation of promotions targeted to different audiences who access the site.
  • Conversion tags to measure return on digital marketing actions.
  • Possibility of placing your site in more than one language.

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Reservations Source

Data intelligence that predicts trends!

Daily operations converted into data intelligence with customizable graphs that allow you to analyze, predict and act on industry trends.

Get reports and adapt them to your reality for more profitable analysis.

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