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Centralize your database and send emails with marketing actions and satisfaction surveys to connect, retain, and sell more and directly.

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Optimize relationships and communicate with your customers in a segmented manner.

The BEE CRM contributes to increasing the guest experience and consequently increasing the loyalty of your end customer, thus ensuring the increase of your revenue.

Being integrated with your hotel’s sales operations through CRS, use this centralization to create strategic and measurable activations.

All the information obtained from the guests is secure and it is possible to be segmented into groups in a simple and versatile way.


  • Poor relationship with their customers.
  • Manual database.
  • Little effective marketing actions.


  • CRM specially designed for hospitality.
  • Relationship optimized pre and post check-out.
  • Automatic sharing of fares, campaigns and promotions.


  • CRM complete with the specificities necessary for the hotel community.
  • Definition of automatic messages pre and post stay.
  • Customer type segmentation.
  • Tools that enable you to define effective loyalty strategies.
  • Rate sharing, campaigns and promotions on social networks.
  • Creation of marketing campaigns by email using the built-in programs, based on the specific preferences of the guest.

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Sales force Management
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Sales Force

With the sales force manager Omnibees control and measure the production of your sales team.

Segment the clients of each portfolio and intuitively view the production of each portfolio. Set goals, visualize the results, and create various actions for resuming production.


  • Difficulty in visualizing the production of agencies, operators and companies.
  • Failing to track sales team portfolio results.
  • Manual work on exporting, copying and pasting data and unintuitive reports.


  • Create custom customer portfolios in Omnibees CRM.
  • Allows you to create intuitive and customizable reports.
  • It allows you to measure the productivity of your team and create plans for resumption of sales.


  • Creation of unlimited customer groups.
  • Platform for creating and sending customer relationship emails.
  • Custom access to the sales force.
  • Track the production of the sales team.
  • Analysis of results by product.
  • Advisory support to optimize sales with partners.

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Data intelligence that predicts trends!

Daily operations converted into data intelligence with customizable graphs that allow you to analyze, predict and act on industry trends.

Get reports and adapt them to your reality for more profitable analysis.

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