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Sell a lot more! The Channel Manager/Beechannel Omnibees is the largest in number of distribution partners and the only one that allows it to sell to end customers and intermediaries on a single platform.

Omnibees Channel Manager
Channels Manager

Channel Manager

Be Agil and potentialize sales reach.

Centralize rates management and availability of more than 700 channels in a single tool, eliminate manual intervention, saving time for your booking team to become more productive and strategic every day.

Omnibees Partners
Omnibees partners


  • Reduced productivity in recurring manual actions.
  • Management of fragmented distribution channels.
  • Overbooking, cancellations and recurring booking changes.
  • Loss of potential sales.


  • Improved management and productivity of daily operations.
  • Total availability for all sales segments.
  • Reduction of manual actions and errors such as overbooking.
  • Increased productivity in the reservation team.


  • Connection to your PMS and RMS.
  • Individual allotment for each channel or "Free Sale".
  • Individual access with double validation – Security for your information..
  • Stop sales automatic or differentiated by channel, avoiding overbooking.
  • Intuitive navigation and content 100% English.
  • Facility to manage negative batches and stocks from the PMS interface.
  • Flexible rate strategy, with the creation of different models: Net, commissioning and agreement.
  • Adding new channels in the existing rates in a simplified way.
  • Intuitive and complete reports, segmented, by channel and period.
  • Individual management of each channel or centralized, according to existing contracts.
  • Centralized availability management and an unlimited number of fares and rates derived for more than 700 channels in a single tool.

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Get reports and adapt them to your reality for more profitable analysis.

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